Disney Doorables

One of the world's largest brands is small enough to fit in your pocket.

Nitta partnered with Moose Toys during the launch of their new collectible product line, Disney Doorables, stackable playsets and mini collectible figures.

Moose Toys


Shot-lists, Casting, Wardrobe, Photography, Post-production, Animation, Web Page


The initial task was to design and animate a countdown page that would be revealed at VidCon, providing an online destination and social media feed during their brand announcement and early PR efforts. The design focused on teasing what was to come; A mix of Disney characters from a variety of worlds and the fun feature blind pack — where the customer is surprised by discovering what’s including behind every door. As a collectible product line, Disney Doorbables includes a variety of playsets, play-patterns, and more than 80 figures (at launch). The Nitta team worked closely with Moose to develop a comprehensive shot list, managed talent casting, and ultimately photographed and edited more than 100 final shots at our Pasadena, CA studio.

Brand Fact
Shaking up the industry with kid-favorites, Mighty Beanz and Shopkins, Moose toys is a dominate force in the collectibles, craft, dolls, games and youth electronics categories.

Assets delivered:

1 landing page / 100+ photos
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Making it happen.

1 week

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Retouched photography

Creative Director:
Jon Hudson

Kevin Martin

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