You bring the brand. We'll tell the story.

Think of ideas and make them happen — We really try to keep it that simple.

When we build teams we frame an approach to the goal and never limit ideas to what has worked in the past. Curating the best people for each production no matter where they live and work. Diverse sensibilities, interpretations, and approaches is what makes up your audience, and it also happens to be what seeds our creative process.

About us.
Our team

Our network of creative talent is made up of writers, consultants, designers, animators, directors, and everything in-between. As social media users, digital content consumers and let's face it, humans living in 2020 — we look to gather practical information that matches our own behavior and create from there.

A culture of creators \ whatever we decide to be today.
Nitta’s Los Angeles studio produces video, photo, motion, and written content that is distributed on digital platforms and television. The culture of problem solving and speedy delivery come from embracing the talents of a diverse team, each with an approach of their own. Many times it all can’t be done in one place — or one time zone for that matter — So we work globally, producing content in all mediums, for all platforms.
If you're into trophies, check these out.
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    Vega Award - Editing
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    Vega Award - Cinematography
How can we work together?
From voice technology to children's entertainment, Nitta partners client-direct, working with a diverse portfolio of brands to produce an equally diverse portfolio of project scopes, approaches, and deliverables.
Curious and Creative.