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Working client-direct we build minimalist, interdisciplinary teams from local to global with the shared goal of creating their best work. Transforming slow and often out-dated creative development and production into a speedy, modern solution — unified by the unique goals of each project.

How we do it.

Research and planning to identify practical insights that guide creative execution. Mapping against business objectives — planning creative execution is led by insight of culture trends, competition, story, and creating for the right audience and the right platform.

Competitive Audit
Let’s look at where your competitors are in the market, the perception of their brand, and where they are most visible to their audience.
Positioning & Brand Attributes
We apply discovery from a brand review and competitive audit to define the benefits you want your audience to associate with your brand for an effective, customer-focused, and relevant positioning statement to act as a guide for creative, design, and marketing.
Customer Segmentation
Diving deep into demographic, psychographic, motivations, and potential frustrations — we aim to identify unfulfilled needs that guide your brand with a competitive advantage.
Creative Brief
Briefs for your brand or product are more than a bulleted list of features. Using customer segmentation and brand attributes we define clear communication objectives and guidelines for creative marking specific to your target audiences through language, imagery, and informed assumptions that can be applied across all communication touch-points.
Video & Motion

Nitta curates teams of writers, directors, film-makers, animators, and designers to create culturally informed video content made to attract, entertain, and inform.

Script Development
Script writing is as nuanced as the platforms the media will be published on. This means we not only consider the brand voice but learn where the content is being distributed and tailor language, energy, and length accordingly. Starting from scratch, editing, or expanding an existing script, we can help craft the details of your story for your target audience and platform.
With guidance from the script and shot list storyboards are created that map out the visual sequence of an animation or live-action video. This is part strategy, part art, and part planning for a recipe that defines the sequence of your story before cameras begin to roll.
Live-action Production
We plan, produce, film, and direct informative videos short and long, educational and fun, scripted and event. Whether we’re shooting in the studio or on location, we consider the process as important as the day-of production with planning, casting, wardrobe, location scouting and everything in between.
Motion Graphics & Animation
Animated typography and graphics help power your brand's story with energy, colors, textures, pacing, and communications. We work with creators fluent in all types of animation — from dramatic sci-fi FX to playful typography that brings your copy to life.
CG Animation
Whether its visual effects or product animations, our network of creators approach 3D animation with equal parts style and story — guided by art direction, pacing, storyboards, and audio resulting in a diverse style of video content to help tell your brand's story.
Post Production
Our production process doesn’t stop after the shots have been captured and the frames have been animated. In post production we edit, produce audio, cast and record voice, to blend parts into a seamless piece of content for screens of all sizes. In most cases post production is planned during the pre production stages — providing foresight into how we can best repurpose footage for different distribution and platforms.

Product photos for eCommerce, lifestyle shots for digital posts, or compelling hero photography for video ads and packaging — we understand how photos can be leveraged by your brand. When it comes to quick and powerful communication — photography is king.

Product Photography
Whether it’s a miniature action figure, reflective product package, or a consumer technology product, our network of photographers are qualified with the knowledge, patients, and modern gear that it takes to capture dynamic photographs of your products to deliver value-adding imagery for digital, print, and video. We shoot large scope, high-quantity to single hero shots and everything in-between.
Talent & Lifestyle Photography
Out on location or in studio, talent and lifestyle photography requires planning, direction, and patients — all traits of the photographers in our network. We help scout locations, art direct, cast, and shoot with the goal of crafting imagery to help reinforce your brand voice and get the attention of your audience.
Retouching & Post Production
If lighting is the foundation, retouching and post production is the framework. After contact sheets are reviewed and selections are made, we meticulously review each image to color-correct, remove imperfections, mask, and composite to produce an end-result of commercial-ready imagery for digital, print, and video.
Branding & Design

Inspire customers to become informed, want to know more, and take action. From copy to image creation — words and visuals are researched, edited, and iterated to help your brand or companies personality, values, and messaging add business value.

Copy & Messaging
What’s the best way to say it and who are you saying it to? From naming and character bio’s to product descriptions and pitch decks — our copy is guided by brand, audience, and communication.
Logo Design
Informed by competitive research and modern design, we develop logos from sketch to final render with an understanding the value it can add to any brand. Working collaboratively with creative talent — each with their own style — to illustrate the most compelling and expressive design iterations for the hallmark of your brands identity.
Presentation Design
Many times multiple teams create a brand or product pitch deck resulting in an unfortunately disjointed aesthetic and voice. We help clients write, refine, and layout digital pitch decks resulting in a presentation that is easy-to-consume, unified, and aesthetic appealing across any application or platform — including Keynote, PowerPoint, Google Slides, and others.
Brand Guidelines
Consistency powers the integrity of a brand. We develop guidelines to help ensure usage of the logo, typography, color, graphics, and image styling can be applied correctly and consistently across presentations, advertising, digital, and more. This can include anything for the basics of use to example applications, file naming, and copy.
We understand that illustrations can play a major role in your brands identity. Whether it’s characters, products, and environments or rendering those special details within a personality-driven logo — we work with talented artists, each with their own style, from around the world that produce dynamic imagery in 2D and 3D.

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